IDT Electronic Plan Submittal & Review Information

If you have one of the following types of projects, please submit your project through the Electronic Plan Review System.
  • Concept Plan 
  • Preliminary Plat 
  • Final Plat 
  • Minor Plats 
  • Plat Revisions 
  • Site Plans 
  • Site Plans for Nontraditional Wastewater Systems 
  • Site Plans for Special Uses 
  • Zoning Inquiries 
  • Change of Use or Tenant Requests 
  • Home Occupation Requests 
  • Floodplain Development Permits 
  • Retaining Wall Permits 
  • Land Disturbance Permits 
  • Construction Plans for Major Subdivisions 
  • New Soil Maps 
  • Soil Map Reassessments 
  • Subsurface Sewage Disposal Location Maps 
  • Nonresidential Septic System Design Review 
  • Residential Septic System Design Review 
  • Special Event Permits

At this time, all other projects are to be submitted outside of the Electronic Plan Review System.  If you are uncertain of how to submit your project, please contact us at 615-790-5725.

Steps for submitting a project using Williamson County’s electronic plan review system

  • Please visit
  • In the upper right corner you will have the option to Sign Up or Sign In
  • Once logged in, please provide information regarding the project type by selecting from the drop down list provided, and continue through the next few screens providing project information. 
  • Upload all project documents as required by the checklist provided.  If you need to invite additional consultants to upload documents on behalf of the project, please save the project and come back to it once you have confirmed all documents from these sources have been uploaded.  Failure to do so will prohibit any additional uploads.
  • Submit your project.
  • Fees can be paid online as of January 1, 2017.  Until then, please pay all fees at our offices, located at 1320 West Main Street, Suite 400 in Franklin.
  • The project will be reviewed for completeness by a member of Williamson County’s Intake Review team.  Once reviewed, they will notify you as to one of the following:
  • The project has been accepted and has been sent to the review team for official review
  • The project has been denied due to an incomplete submittal package.  In this case, a list will be provided to you outlining the required documents missing from your project.


Emails will be sent at every stage of the review process from  Please add this email to your approved list of emails to avoid issues relating to spam filters.


If you experience any issues with the idtPlans website while submitting a project or throughout the review process, please contact idtPlans directly by clicking on the support link, located at the bottom of every page.