Hazmat Training

The Williamson County Emergency Management Agency takes great pride in supporting and brining quality training to responders of Williamson County and the surrounding area. One of the areas of training which WCEMA is heavily involved in is hazardous Materials. A large portion of the hazardous materials training and credentialing that is completed in Williamson County is coordinated through the State of Tennessee and the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency. Below you will find a list of Hazardous Materials courses that are hosted and the corresponding credential that they help build responders toward.

Bold courses are the primary course taught for the indicated certification level. Courses with an Asterisk are the prerequisites for the primary course.

Hazardous Materials Awareness:

-Hazardous Materials Awareness Course - 4 Hour in Class Course

Hazardous Materials Operations:

-Hazardous Materials Operations Course - 40 Hours in Class Course

- IS-3 Radiological Emergency Management - 8 Hour Online Course*

- IS-100 Introduction to Incident Command System- 4 Hour Online Course*

- IS-200 Incident Command for Initial Action and Single Resource Incidents - 4 Hour Online Course*

- IS-700 Introduction to the National Incident Management System - 4 Hour Online Course*

- IS-800 Introduction to the National Response Framework - 4 Hour Online Course*

- ICS-200 or ICS-300 - 16 Hour in Class Courses for Incident Command*

Hazardous Materials Technician:

- Hazardous Materials Team Operations Course - 80 Hour in Class Course

- Modular Emergency Response Radiological Transportation Training - 16 Hour in Class Course*

Hazardous Materials Specialist:

- Chemistry for Emergency Response - 80 Hour in Class Course Hosted Through the NFA

- Hazardous Materials Site Operating Practices - 80 Hour in Class Course Hosted Through the NFA

- Fundamentals Course for Radiological Response - 24 Hour in Class Course